Filmmaker in New York City.

Underwater Coordinator for Film Production


Most Recent Work

*Winner* of 4 Communicator Awards for Distinction in Video Excellence by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts.

I was hired by Crestron Electronics to direct and produce 8 humorous webisodes focused on the "AV Support Group," a place where local AV technicians can talk through their issues. Yes, they let me put a dominatrix in this one.

About Ryan

Focused Direction


Ryan is a Filmmaker in New York City with a love for comedy. His short, Venice Love Story, was a selection at LA Comedy Shorts and distributed in Urban Outfitters around the country as part of their Potty Mouth Film Festival in a Box. He co-founded Temple Horses, a video sketch group that was a regular feature on the front page of Funny or Die, Huffington Post, and Think Progress, as well as the Audience Award winner for the Best Comedy Short award at the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival. He's appeared on HBO, NBC, ESPN, and in various independent films as a recurring guest star and character actor. He is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.

In Depth Pre-Visualization

Behind the scenes image from the funny commercial series Ryan did for Crestron Electronics.

Over the last ten years Ryan has written, directed, edited and produced a wide variety of digital content including: award-winning comedy short films (one of which garnered over 10 million views), short and long form documentaries, stand-up comedy hour specials, and new media ad campaigns.  In 2019, his campaign of 7 Webisodes for Crestron Electronics won 4 Communicator Awards for Distinction from the Academy for Interactive and Visual Arts. 

Ryan has written and directed content that featured Grammy-winning artist John Legend, Emmy-winning journalist Katie Couric as well as nationally touring comedians Chuck Nice, Greer Barnes, and the comedy duo Sorry About Last Night which produces the hit relationship podcast "Guys We F**ked".