Underwater Work


As an underwater crew member, Ryan is a certified SCUBA Instructor with SDI, and a Dive Emergency Management Provider with DAN. He's been diving for twenty years and is trained to supervise people trying SCUBA for the first time. Set-ready individuals for filming underwater in New York can be hard to find for video and film productions, so whether you need him on set to help talent get comfortable in the water or supervise a submerged shot, he is qualified to make sure your water day goes safely and smoothly. 

See examples below.

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Underwater Safety Coordinator - 1 Min Reel

A 1 minute clip of BTS from a few of Ryan's jobs as an Underwater Safety Coordinator.

Brighthouse Financial Commercial

Ryan served as the Underwater Coordinator for this shoot, making sure talent and crew were safe while filming in the water. He also made sure the camera operator did not become tangled in any wire as he swam the length of the pool, tracking the swimmers.


A behind the scenes shot from the short film, "From the Dark" coming soon. In this shot, Ryan just placed the main actress on her mark and is keeping eyes on her while she is submerged underwater. As soon as she makes her way to the surface, he is there right next to her, making sure she is able to float safely. 

Director: Erika Sanz.

Scuba Network Adventure Video

Ryan was hired to shoot and edit a video for Scuba Network to advertise upcoming trips.

Shark Dive

While in Roatan, Ryan was fortunate enough to do a shark dive with Black Tip Reef Sharks, one of the most beautiful sharks in the ocean.

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